Capacitive touch

Capacitive sensing touch switch does not need to direct contact with the metal body, can eliminate safety hidden trouble, even if you can also use the gloves, and is not affected by weather, dry and wet resistance change human body, it is more convenient to use.No mechanical parts, no wear and tear, unlimited lifetime, reduced maintenance costs.The sensing part can be placed behind any insulating layer (usually glass or plastic) and can easily be made into a keyboard that is sealed against the surrounding environment.

The panel design can be arbitrary, the key size, shape arbitrary design, the character, the trademark, the perspective window and so on any collocation, the appearance is beautiful, the fashion, does not fade, does not deform, durable.Fundamentally solved the various metal panels and various mechanical panels can not achieve the effect.Its reliability and aesthetic design are arbitrary and can directly replace the existing ordinary panel.(metal keyboard, thin film keyboard, conductive plastic keyboard.)。

  • Application simply

Single chip, the peripheral parts are very few, the circuit is very simple, no need to oscillate circuit, the production process is simple, just press the principle diagram cloth board can get the satisfactory effect.

There are a variety of special interface requirements for touch-sensitive touch-sensitive series IC,Single button, a variety of special requirements interface, do not need to modify the product MCU master control program.It is very easy to implement various touch control applications with single chip interface.

  • Free to adjust

The touch-sensitive execution time (sensitivity) can be adjusted freely according to the requirements.

  • High cost performance

The pursuit of win-win, the most competitive cost-effective products, touch the application of universalization, standardization of the industry pioneer.

  • Leading technology

It has a unique algorithm to avoid the misoperation of the keys;Wide voltage range and low power consumption;Can directly access the power supply in the machine;Touch-type button induction series IC has automatic correction and compensation function, a capacitance determination sensitivity, not affected by ambient temperature, suitable for mass production.

  • The principle of capacitive induction.

Cooperate with glass panel, not afraid of liquid splash, strong penetration ability, can be through any insulation material of the panel 20mm,for example: toughened glass, ceramics, plastics and other materials;

  • Extensive application

Sound panel, telephone control keyboard, instrument control panel, washing machine control panel, intelligent access control panel, various small appliances (induction cooker, disinfection cabinet, microwave oven…)

It has already covered almost all the application fields including household appliances, hand-held devices, industrial control, automobile electronics, military products and so on.