E-ink screen

Low power consumption, light weight, good readability and simple process.


Electronic paper technology is actually a general term for a class of technologies,Many are electrophoretic display technology (electrophoresis Display, EPD) as the display panel, its display effect is close to the natural paper effect, and avoid reading fatigue.

It is a new type of material that is the product of a multidisciplinary development of chemistry, physics and electronics that can be printed to the surface of any material to display text or image information.

E-ink screen principle.

The basic principle

Since electronic ink is a liquid material, it is known as electronic “ink”.In this liquid material, there are hundreds of microcapsules that are about the size of human hair, each of which consists of positively charged particles and negatively charged particles.After a certain process, the electronic ink can be printed on the surface of glass, fiber or even paper.Of course, these bearing carrier of electronic ink also needs through special processing, in which each pixel structure control circuit, a simple pixel in order to make electronic ink display images and text we need.

When a negative electric field is applied at both ends of the microcapsule, the white particles with positive charge move to the negative pole under the action of the electric field.At the same time, particles with negative charges move to the bottom of the microcapsule to “hide” and the surface appears white.When a positive electric field is applied on both sides of the adjacent microcapsule, the black particles move to the top of the microcystic body under the action of the electric field, and the surface appears as black.Electronic ink technology can make any surface become a display screen, it lets us completely out of the original display equipment concept shackles, and slowly permeate into every corner of our living space.

Technical advantages
  • Light, thin

Electronic ink display that the thickness of the device is usually very small, and the weight is relatively light, but the structure is more rugged and durable than the ordinary LCD.E-ink is widely available, not only for glass, but also for materials such as plastics, so it’s not as vulnerable as LCD screens.

  • Easy to read 

The electronic ink display is designed by reflecting ambient light, which has the effect of paper printing.Electronic ink screens don’t need backlight and are easy to read, even in the sun, as opposed to traditional transmission LCD screens.In addition, the E-ink display is soft, not dazzling, no flicker, and the visual Angle almost reached 180°.As a result, E-ink displays are ideal for reading.

  • Low power consumption

The power of e-ink is so low that it can show a picture even when the power supply is briefly stopped.Its power consumption is very low because its reflectivity and contrast are very high, and it is not necessary to use backlight to improve readability.