OLED screen

There are two kinds of communication methods: SPI and IIC. White, blue and yellow, blue and blue.

OLED(Organic Light-Emitting Diode)also known as the Organic Electroluminesence Display .OLED due to have a combination of spontaneous light, do not need to back light, high contrast, thin thickness, wide Angle, fast response speed, can be used for deflection panel, using temperature range, structure and process is relatively simple, unique features,it is considered to be the next generation of flat display emerging application technology.The LCD needs backlight, and OLED doesn’t need it, because it’s spontaneous.In addition, the power consumption of OLED is much lower than that of LCD, the same display area consumes only a third of the power of the LCD. OLED size is difficult to scale, but the resolution can be very high, very suitable for handheld mobile devices.

White IIC

White SPI

Blue IIC

Blue SPI

double color IIC

double color SPI

Supports many control chips

  • A series of Arduino
  • A series of 51
  • A series ofMSP430
  • STM32
  • CSR chip

IIC/SPI communication mode.

  • Fast display, stable performance.
  • Rich lead interface.

Easy to use and flexible.

  • Display unit spontaneous light without backlight.
  • Wide voltage support:3~5V
  • Three colors are optional.
  • Rich lead interface,at the same time, set aside 0.5mm gap FFC interface.

Cabinet and delicate

  • Large visual Angle
  • Ultra-low power consumption(0.04W)
  • Size specifications:27*27*3.6MM
  • High contrast