Capacitive touch module

Strong anti-interference,Non-mechanical component,Wide voltage input,High sensitivity

The touch button has been widely used in the application of large capacity and high visibility products such as portable media player and mobile handheld terminal.Thanks to its easy to use, stylish and low-cost advantages, more and more electronic products are switching from traditional mechanical keys to touch-based buttons.

Capacitive touch module


Customer applications

Touch switch

Waterproof industrial equipment keyboard

On-board equipment

The lampblack machine operation panel

Bluetooth test frame information display

Hand-held household air environment detector

  • +2.7V~+6V Wide voltage input
  • The sensing part is compatible with any insulation layer
  • No delay, no lag, high sensitivity
  • No mechanical parts, reduce maintenance cost
  • Modify the resistance adjustment (latch/low) output
  • Built-in anti-interference algorithm, high quality anti-interference performance
  • Touch keys last longer than touch-tone buttons
  • A variety of colors, arbitrary choice:Red, yellow, blue, green, orange, color.
  • The root of customer product demand, size, shape, character, trademark and so on can be matched at will.