New version WiF LoRa 32(V2)

WIFI LoRA 32 (V2) overview:

  • WiFi + bluetooth + LoRa

Support WIFI802.11 b/g/n/e/i ,Traditional bluetooth and BLE low-power dual-mode bluetooth;

Provide exclusive LoRaWAN protocol source code running on ESP32 and provide technical support.

  • Highly integrated

Integrate the functions of MCU, SX125x LoRa chip, radio frequency loop switch, radio frequency circuit, lithium battery management, USB to serial port, etc.

Users only need a Micro USB connection to get complete wi-fi, bluetooth and LoRa functions.

  • Better low power consumption design

The ESP32 chip has a high level of low-power performance in the industry, including fine resolution clock gate control, power saving mode and dynamic voltage regulation.Designed for mobile devices, wearable electronics and Internet of things applications.Resting current 800uA ± 50uA(the instructions executed by MCU need to be read from the FLASH chip used on the board, so the power consumption cannot be reached to the limit)

  • More stable performance

The new version of WIFI LoRa 32 has redesigned the circuit part and upgraded the safety and stability of the circuit on the premise of keeping the pin order and the previous generation unchanged.Including better impedance matching and more scientific power supply circuits.

Work at 30 ° C to + 80 ° C temperature range.

The LoRa + LoRaWAN protocol is the most mature and stable narrowband Internet of things communication technology.

  • The long distance

LoRa spread spectrum communication has the characteristics of long communication distance. Under the premise of good impedance matching and sufficient power supply, in the open area, our communication distance can reach 3Km.

  • The large capacity

On the premise of cooperating withLoRa Gateway,A gateway can communicate with more than 1,000 nodes.

  • security

LoRaWAN is the first Internet of things to propose double encryption, preventing the possibility of radio eavesdropping.

  • Low power consumption

On the basis of the LoRaWAN source code provided by Semtech, we made a lot of improvements to the low-power part of the code. Within one transmission cycle of the system, only a few milliseconds were in the working state, and the rest of the time was in the deep sleep state.For example, if my application sends a set of data in 8 hours, the whole system runs in milliseconds during those 8 hours, and the rest of the time is in deep sleep.This can greatly reduce the use of batteries.

Through constant debugging and experimentation by our team, we successfully transplanted the LoRaWAN protocol to the ESP32 + Arduino platform, using internal RTC, and supporting deep sleep.Users only need a simple configuration to complete the application of LoRaWAN.

Rich routine reference

support Espressif SDK,Arduino,MircoPython,NodeMCU(We only provide technical support for the Arduino platform);

The upgraded version of LoRa perfectly inherits all the routines of the previous version, adding deep-sleep mode, power display, dual-core control and other series routines.

Hundred megabytes tool kit to facilitate development, providing schematic diagram, development documents;

Torrent, GitHub a variety of data platform;

Provide complete data and technical support to ensure customers can use the product normally;

This product is

Advanced LoRa spread spectrum communication technology is adopted, with ultra-long transmission and reception, ultra-low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, and the measured communication distance of the open area is 3Km(loss rate <0.3%).

Updated version of LoRa's tech specs

  • Frequency: 240MHz
  • FLASH:64M-bits
  • The processor: 2个Tensilica LX6 + 1个ULPThe processor
  • Main control chip:ESP32
  • LoRachip support frequency band:  SX1276(868-915、923MHz);SX1278(433-510MHz)
  • Open communication distance:3KM
  • Computing power:As high as 600 dmips
  • Dual mode bluetooth: Traditional bluetooth and BLE low power bluetooth
  • The development environment:Perfect support for Arduino
  • Working voltage:  3.3v~ 7v
  • Operating range temperature:-40~80℃
  • Receiver sensitivity:-139dbm(SF12, BW125KHz)
  • UDP continuous throughput:135Mbps
  • USB-to-UART bridge chip:CP2102
  • WIFI Support mode:sniffer、Station、softAP和Wi-Fi Direct

Upgraded version of LoRa performance test

Product size&amp;Pinout Diagram

Resources (continuous update)

GitHub warehouse of this product (with schematic diagram and sample program)

Installation method of Arduino development environment of this product

What upgrades does WiFi LoRa 32(V2) do relative to V1?

LoRaWAN routines for this product (Arduino edition)

To prevent unearned copy of the board, serial number support are required to run this LoRaWAN protocol code  serial number query, and instructions:

Interesting applications made by users using this product

Customer Testing of Real Communication Distance of Products


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