WIFI relay

A series of HTIT-WR

Touch function  Built-in cloud service Two-way control

This product combines the capacitive touch and the Internet of things, not only the internal and external network can be controlled, but also can touch and mobile devices to switch.It is very suitable for home appliance automation, intelligent arrangement, lighting control switch, fuse box, control of multi-way electrical equipment, industrial automation control and other fields.

Working voltage:3.3V~5V

Chip solution:ESP8266ex


Maximum load:2A 270VAC/60VDC

High sensitivity touch switch function.

  • Anti-interference algorithm is adopted to greatly enhance the anti-jamming performance of touch.
  • Can cover 8MM toughened glass.

Powerful cloud services

  • Both internal and external networks can be controlled
  • APP simple to set up

Simple configuration, up and out

  • Lithium battery charging and discharging circuit
  • The light guide is closely connected with the touch

Lithium battery charging and discharging interface

  • 2pin-1.25 MMT common interface